• 01. Sunbreak4:13
  • 02. Gossamer Dream3:50
  • 03. The Enchanted Cave3:53
  • 04. The Faerie's Kiss3:46
  • 05. Morning Flight3:57
  • 06. Voice of the Wood4:03
  • 07. Dance of the Fire Fairy4:34
  • 08. Princess of the Fairies4:03
  • 09. The Blessing4:14
  • 10. The Garden Faire4:03
  • 11. Pools of Moonlight4:33
  • 12. Journey's End4:56

With an impressive career that includes almost 50 albums, 20 Billboard hits, film & TV soundtracks, commercials and game scores, three-time GRAMMY®-nominee David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the best contemporary instrumental musicians and composers of our time. This visionary continues to create distinctive tracks that inspire the imagination. A musical storyteller, David is passionate about taking his listeners on a journey, creating sonic tapestries that evoke every emotion. “I envision a place where I would like to go, or an adventure I would like to take, and let my imagination run free.”  

It’s such a relief that music like this still exists. It’s such a relief that musicians like David Arkenstone still have that hunger to create great moments of musical reverie and it truly seems that the genre of New Age is making a massive full-on comeback. At the head of the riders that forge across this musical plain, is none other than Arkenstone on his horse of musical mastery, blissful peace and partnered with a fair measure of power and grace by his side. 

​The Fairy Garden has re-established Arkenstone as the leader of symphonic new age styled music. If you have followed David’s long and prestigious career, then this album I am sure will be entering your collection post haste. If, however, you are new to his music, then where have you been? It’s time to rapidly catch up and The Fairy Garden is the perfect album to do so. All hail, the master of the grand soundscape, Arkenstone is back with an album that has to be worthy of many accolades and awards.

~Steve Sheppard / One World Music Radio

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