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Ever the sonic adventurer, veteran recording artist David Arkenstone embarks on journey into the ultra contemporary world of Chill music on his latest release Songs From The Aqua Lounge. Drawing on elements of ambient, electronica, and smooth jazz, the album serves up a groove-based blend of sounds that range from dreamy to driving. A perfect example is a track called Take My Soul, that features atmospheric synthesizers, pulsing sequencers, electronic beats, and the misty sensuous female vocals of Nahara that evokes a vision of Tangerine Dream and Enya performing together. If this album illustrates anything, it is that with David Arkenstone one thing to expect is the unexpected. --Michael Diamond Music and Media Focus

​Drawing inspiration from not just contemporary chill-out music but also classic lounge recordings from the '50s and '60s (especially those with a bossa nova flavor), multi-instrumentalist David Arkenstone has released Songs from the Aqua Lounge. The album's thirteen songs evoke images of strolling Ibiza's sunset lit beaches, clubbing after hours in Manhattan, California ocean-front drives up Highway 1, and quiet romantic dinners by candlelight (as well as what comes after, of course). Songs from the Aqua Lounge is 100 percent ultra-delicious ear candy, meticulously recorded and performed by artists at the top of their craft, including guest appearances by vocalists Nahara and Charlee Brooks. Sit back, relax, and chill, baby!
--Bill Binkelman - Zone Music Reporter