Jan 2020

Just returned from The Grammy celebration in Los Angeles. I was nominated for my 4th time...! Very exciting. Lots of fun and some great parties/ celebrations. The nomination was for the album, Fairy Dreams.

Currently working on a new music release for August  - stay tuned, it will be cool....!

Dec 2019

Just returned from a European trip to Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. Some wonderful Christmas markets and concerts.

July 2018 -

Just returned from a week in Iceland. Wow, what a remarkable place! Waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, stark landscapes, Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon, the wild ocean....such inspiration, I'm sure it will seep into my upcoming projects....!

new album Colors of the Ambient Sky on the 13th..!

May 2018 -

Always enjoy watching the Kentucky Derby with my music included..! So honored that's it's become part of the programming tapestry.

Been recording with live orchestra for the new World of Warcraft expansion due later this year. What a treat to hear music I composed played by some of the best in the world..!

Dec 2017-

Just completed a holiday tour on the west coast - so fun..! We filmed the last date, so it will probably be available in some form about a year from now....

Jan. 2016 -

Hi all! - Hope everyone's 2016 is off to a great start!… I've been busy working on several new albums for this year, and the first one was just released, Parisian Nights on @greenhillmusic.  My love of Paris and the time I've spent there was the inspiration, and I had fun doing new versions of some famous songs, and composing four new ones.  I really enjoyed working with so many friends on this recording. Merci beaucoup to Seth Osburn, Luanne Homzy, Geoff Nudell, Dave Crozier, and Tommy Davy. There's a nice medley accompanying a slideshow of some of my Paris photographs at https://vimeo.com/148281800
Enjoy!...and I wish you a Happy New Year! Vive la France! ~D.

Sep. 2016 -

Well, the year's flying by isn't it? I'm about to release my 4th CD this year, I know, people think I'm crazy, but it just came out that way! Also just did some new themes for NBC Sports, which I really enjoy. Now heading into fall starting to arrange some dates around the holidays - hope to see you out there!